Rowan Beecham is an illustrator and educator. Her distinctive illustrations are influenced by colour, simplicity, space and form. They can be bought as greetings cards and prints. Her long-term involvement in education and the arts has given her a deep insight into how to fire children’s imaginations and fuel their desire to learn. Throughout her career in education, Rowan has sought to infuse the National Curriculum with Creative Arts. She has arranged countless collaborative and inclusive arts weeks in schools where every child, their parents, and the local community, take part. She offers a wide variety of creative arts and creative-writing workshops that cover topics such as: story; biodiversity; urban nature; wildlife; health and wellbeing. She has worked as an education advisor and workshop coordinator for the West Dorset AONB, Museums, a Community Shed project and local charities. She is currently extending her practice to study youth mental-health awareness, focussing on the power of the natural environment to improve children’s mental wellbeing.  Rowan lives on the West Dorset coast with her family and two cats, Margot and Wilma. Conditions permitting, she starts most days with an early sea swim.